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 About Cyber-TA
This website is the home page of the Cyber-Threat Analytics (Cyber-TA) research project. Cyber-TA is an initiative to accelerate the ability of organizations to defend against Internet-scale threats by delivering technology that will enable the next-generation of privacy-preserving digital threat analysis centers. These centers must be fully automatic, scalable to alert volumes and data sources that characterize attack phenomena across millions of IP addresses, and higher fidelity in their ability to recognize attack commonalities, prioritize, and isolate the most critical threats. Cyber-TA brings together leading researchers in large-scale network intrusion defenses with leaders from the information privacy community to develop next-generation wide-area collaborative defense technologies that maximally balance the needs for contributor privacy with the need for rich-content data to drive new threat detection and mitigation systems. This web site provides links to our research publications, software releases, web portal access to our live threat reconnaissance center, and registration information for becoming an active data contributor.


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 Project Team
The Cyber-TA project is being conducted by the  Computer Science Laboratory, SRI International in cooperation with the following consortium partners.
  • Dawn Song, Professor, University of California at Berkeley
  • Wenke Lee, Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Johannes Ullrich, SANS Institute
  • Roger Dingledine, Moria Research Labs
  • Paul Syverson, Naval Research Laboratory
  • Peng Ning, Professor, North Carolina State University
  • Ray Granvold, Promia Incorporated
  • Dan Boneh, Professor, Stanford University
  • Karl Levitt, Professor, University of California at Davis
  • Amit Sahai, Professor, University of California at Los Angeles
  • Vitaly Shmatikov, Professor, University of Texas at Austin
  • Paul Barford, Professor, University of Wisconsin
  • Joan Feigenbaum, Professor, Yale University
An Outline of 2006 Research Topics

SRI Team: Phillip Porras (Principal Investigator), Linda Briesemeister, Steven Cheung, Martin Fong, Brian Murphy-Dye, Peter Neumann, Marcus Sachs, Keith Skinner, Alfonso Valdes, Brent Waters, Vinod Yegneswaran, Jian Zhang.


The Cyber-TA project is currently managed through the U.S. Army Research Laboratory’s  Army Research Office (ARO) under Research Grant No. W911NF-06-1-0316. Thank you to Cliff Wang for his ongoing support.

In FY’05 the Cyber-TA initiative was managed under the guidance of the Disruptive Technology Office (formerly ARDA). Thank you to Carl Landwehr and Richard Brackney for their support.